Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What am I? pt1 02-03-2010

What am I? pt1

-What am I?
part of a family, a son, a brother
what more is there?
-everything you were
        you are
        can be
        are afraid to be
I am me
-a start, but more...
curious, but afraid to ask
intelligent, but cocky at times
caring, but overbearing at times
afraid, but wanting
lonely, but surrounded by loved ones
not understood, except for one
a teacher, well, will be
a man of integrity, but lacking some
a man of honor, but afraid to stand up
a man of endless love, but i try to hard
coward, wishing to be brave
afraid, but with odd comfort
inspired, unafraid to give all
dreamer, yet afraid to truly dream
scientist, i want to understand
faithful, i don't need to understand, just trust
emotional, too controlled at times, no control at others
rational, i will talk myself out of everything
an observer, because i am afraid to dance
-that's enough for now…
-yes, it's a good start, but still just a start...

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