Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fall 08-28-2010

The thoughts
the sadness
the loneliness
the void
It still exists
Though it is not dark
it leads to dark places
Places I wish to never go again
It still overwhelms
I fall
The tears want to pour
but I fight
To hold myself up
    to not fall
It's not easy
I don't always win

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beginnings 08-27-2010

Being curious
feeling nervous
the not knowing what will happen
or who these new people will become
The endless possibilities
the ones I can see
the ones I hope for
the chances I want to take
regardless of possibilities
and of hopes
new friends are made
Though I may get hurt
I still win

It hurt 08-27-2010

It hurt, that pain, that break
It hurt
Yet… there was more
    more than just hurt
    more than just pain
I cried
Still more
In that hurt
In those feelings
I felt alive
I knew more than just the hurt
I knew I was still alive
More than just existing
I was living
I am living